The Freedom Sage- freedom through wisdom : An Introduction

Hello Freedom Seekers! from the Freedom Sage . I am an young writer, entrepreneur & newly turned blogger in his late 20’s from a very small town in India. I have been through many experiences of life being from a middle class family background. Some bitter and some sweet. While not all experiences are great in life, they always hold great lessons though. I have learnt one thing from my life experiences and that is “It does not matter much what happens to you But mostly all the time what matters is, how you look at what happens and how you react to it!” I have started this blog The Freedom Sage to share some of the most important lessons, experiences , perspective & philosophies in life which will bring you closer to what your purpose in life and shorten your learning curve during this journey.

Who is Freedom sage?

Well, First things first. I am Himanshu Mishra, A mechanical Engineer turned an Entrepreneur and writer from a very small town in India.

Being an 1st generation Entrepreneur and coming from a very humble background, I have been exposed to numerous experiences very early in life. Most of them have been very close to my fear of facing failures.

But I have been a believer in “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down, it’s how many times you get up. Failure is not the falling down, failure is the staying down ”

I used to be a top student in my class in High school and was a very studious student . My biggest dream was to crack some examination in future and become a government or corporate slave & My biggest fear? To never fail at anything ! Later in life, I realized, It was not my dream at all and it was just a result of the social conditioning I have been receiving since years.

It was when I went to study senior secondary and engineering studies in large cities of India that I slowly begin to understand that my dreams were not my dreams and I want to do something else out of life.

I failed during my engineering examinations and was mocked by my close friends at that time But I was a completely different person. I had started looking for good in every situation life would present me . I did not only start my first successful venture during my college but also employed 7 people directly at an age of 24 with no family business background 2200kms away from my home.

How did I become that kind of a person?

How did I make myself bulletproof from failures?

How did I learn about virtues like Compassion, patience, persistence & humility?

Why Blogging?

While growing up, one thing that came as an adversity was lack of a proper mentor in my life. I have learnt a lot of things during my journey of entrepreneurship and facing failures which are not worth if not shared with someone who is in need right now!

I am an ambivert and found blogging as my comfort sharing zone !

I am starting this blog “The Freedom Sage” to not only introduce philosophies, lessons & experiences rather practical steps to end the gap between knowledge and action which is one of the biggest misery an individual can go through!

What Is It All About?

Well, “The Freedom Sage” is all about helping you reach your highest potential and freedom from the rat race, society & unnecessary drama life has to offer.

This is my first blog , It talks about three pillars of human success :

  1. Wealth
  2. Wellness (Physical & Mental)
  3. Wisdom

I firmly believe that these are the three basic pillars of any spiritually successful man on this planet.

You will find all my future blog posts categorized (but not limited to) under these three broad categories.

“TheFreedomSage” will talk about a vast variety of topics which I believe impact our lives if we truly want to achieve our highest potential and purpose in life.

Who Am I Writing For?

“The Freedom Sage” will be a community of like minded individuals who irrespective of their gender, caste, creed, religion, color of skin, country of residence might be in gutter but are looking at the stars!

You are an individual doing a mediocre job because your parents were happy that way. You killed your ambitions and joined that job for your mama! Freedom Sage is for you!

Or You are an individual browsing internet all day , knowing almost every aspect of a successful life, still suffering in taking actions, Freedom Sage is for you!

And Freedom Sage is for all those individuals out there who have forgotten the fact that they are diamond but have accepted life as it is instead of going to life and happen to it, life has happened to them.

Let Us Connect!

What are your thoughts on my take about failures and overall success pillars in life?
Let me hear your thoughts about my posts in comment.

You can also connect with me directly via my social media pages displayed on this blog.

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Cheers to your success!

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