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Hello Freedom Seekers! I am a young writer, entrepreneur & newly turned blogger in his late 20s from a very small town in India. I have been through many experiences of life being from a middle-class family background. Some bitter and some sweet. While not all experiences are great in life, they always hold great lessons. I have learned one thing from my life experiences and that is “It does not matter much what happens to you But mostly all the time what matters is, how you look at what happens and how you react to it!” I have started this blog to share some of the most important lessons, experiences, perspectives & philosophies in life which will bring you closer to your purpose and shorten your learning curve during this journey.

Himanshu Mishra aka The Freedom Sage

What FreedomSage Does?

Well, “TheFreedomSage” is all about helping you reach your highest potential and freedom from the rat race, society & unnecessary drama life has to offer.

This is my first blog , It talks about three pillars of human success :
  1. Wealth
  2. Wellness (Physical & Mental)
  3. Wisdom
I firmly believe that these are the three basic pillars of any spiritually successful man on this planet.

You will find all my future blog posts categorized (but not limited to) under these three broad categories.

“TheFreedomSage” will talk about a vast variety of topics which I believe impact our lives if we truly want to achieve our highest potential and purpose in life.

Let Us Connect!

What are your thoughts on my take on failures and overall success pillars in life?
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If you want to collaborate, join me as a guest writer, or have any questions, write an email with the subject GUEST WRITER to me at himanshumishra@thefreedomsage.com

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Cheers to your success!