Charlie Munger passes away: Seven things that Warren Buffett said about the ace investor

What Warren Buffett said about Charlie Munger

What Warren Buffett said about Charlie Munger

Warren Buffett attributed his foundational investment philosophy to the influential mentorship of ace investor Munger at Berkshire.

"I've learned the value of buying exceptional companies at fair prices rather than settling for attractive prices with mediocre companies. Charlie understood this early on; it took me longer. Now, we focus on first-class businesses led by excellent management," Buffett told Berkshire shareholders in a 1989 letter.

In his 2000 annual letter to investors, Buffett expressed, "Charlie has a superior understanding of business economics and investment matters—better than anyone I know. I've gained valuable insights over the years by listening to him."

Charlie has taught me a lot about valuing businesses and about human nature," Buffett said in 2008.

“I try to look out ten or twenty years when making an acquisition, but sometimes my eyesight has been poor. Charlie’s has been better; he voted no more than ‘present’ on several of my errant purchases," Buffett on his investing partner Charlie Munger in a 2011 annual letter

During a 2021 CNBC interview, the renowned investor Buffett shared, "After a few minutes in the restaurant, I knew that Charlie was going to be in my life forever. We were going to have fun together, make money together, exchange ideas, and both behave better than if we didn't know each other."

Buffett said in his 2023 annual letter to investors: “Charlie and I think pretty much alike. But what it takes me a page to explain, he sums up in a sentence."